Driving Excellence in Food and FMCG Distribution

Unveiling Our Passion for Quality and Market Penetration

Who we are

We are an import and distribution company of food and FMCG products. We are agents of multinational companies and distributors of premium brands such as Tate & Lyle Sugars, Jolly Time popcorn, Café 21, Hak vegetables in Glass, DeNegris Balsamic Vinegar … Our focus is on fast moving consumer goods.

We believe that the globalization trend is imposing a new paradigm on the distribution business, which we are facing with tightly managed operations and market sensitivity allowing fast feedback and response.

– Our entrepreneurial approach gives us an edge over larger companies by engaging in the details to ensure success.

– Our market experience originated in the retail sector 60 years ago, giving us the know-how to identify the needs of the
retailers. This has resulted in a remarkable penetration rate and a sustained order flow.

– Our professionalism is enhanced by the strong academic background of the principals of the Company.

Our aim

Our aim is to provide our customers with excellent service levels and short delivery response. Orders placed by approximately 1000 clients are delivered within 48 hours from order time. Our sales organization ensures a wide coverage and a deep market penetration by directly calling on the various trade channels as well as across the wide spectrum of different store formats including hypermarkets, supermarkets, self-service stores, mini-markets, traditional groceries, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels.

We have our own delivery fleet of trucks, and our own sales team supported by a strong marketing and back office operations. We cover all territories of Lebanon.

Our commitment

Our commitment to ourselves and to our business partners is to provide optimal storage facilities, ensure the quality of our products and use best practices in supply chain management. Our commitment to our customers’ success will continue to pave the way for future growth. We insure that the products of our international partners are properly handled through our distribution network, priced competitively, and supported by our sales staff to gain maximum market penetration. We maintain an open minded approach with special attention to adding value and creating a competitive edge.


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